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A roofing project can get overwhelming, so do everything you can to stay on top of the task at hand. Century Roofing and Siding helps out by listing down the things you should see in your roofing estimate.

4 Key Factors That Should Be in Your Roofing Estimate

Duration of the Project

Whether it’s an emergency roof replacement or a regularly scheduled roof maintenance, the estimate should reflect the agreed-upon date of the whole project. Any delay in the schedule can come at your budget’s literal expense, so make sure your roofer adheres to the timeline as much as possible. However, be flexible when it comes to setbacks that are out of your or your contractor’s control. Just make sure your bill won’t increase because of it.

Payment Terms

It’s best if you hire a roofing contractor that provides attainable payment terms. Most roofers today offer financing, so take advantage of this perk.


An estimate is just as important as the contract. You can gauge your contractor’s level of professionalism just by the manner with which they provide an estimate. That said, an estimate should contain all the pertinent details of the roofing project, from the type, amount and cost of materials to be used down to the permits that need to be pulled. No aspect should be left unwritten, as roofing projects are a crucial investment.

License and Insurance

Any roofing company can claim to be licensed and insured. It’s up to you to check the legitimacy of these claims. Keep in mind that your contractor and all their workers should carry insurance. A roofing company’s license is proof that they have passed the standards and have undergone extensive training.

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