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When you’re planning to have your old siding replaced, you’ll be pleased to learn from your siding installation expert that you have a wide range of options when it comes to materials. When choosing your siding, you can pick between vinyl, fiber cement or even stucco siding for your home. While these are all materials worthy of adorning your home, there is one that you shouldn’t forget to consider: metal.

1. Various Resistances – If you install metal siding in your home, one of the advantages you’ll receive is its various forms of resistance against different threats. For instance, metal siding is considered to be fire resistant, meaning it won’t catch fire or burn. According to professionals, it won’t even melt, making it a viable choice for homes in areas that see frequent wildfires. Apart from that, their lack of organic material also means they’re resistant against rot and insects, protecting your home further.

2. Durable – Apart from being extremely resistant, siding replacement pros also say that metal siding is very durable. This is because it was manufactured to better withstand impact from various kinds of debris such as baseballs, tree branches or even hailstones compared to other siding materials.

3. Low Maintenance – Are you the kind of homeowner who can’t find the time to maintain their siding? If so, then metal siding is the siding of choice for you as it’s incredibly low-maintenance since any dirt and debris that it accumulates can simply be washed away by the rain or a humble garden hose.

4. Aesthetically Appealing – On the other hand, another advantage of metal siding is that they’re an aesthetically pleasing choice for any home. Not only do they come in a wide range of color options but they can also retain their color for a long time.

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