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Finding the right local roofers that you trust takes some work, but the real challenge is in building a working relationship over the long term. At Century Roofing and Siding, we believe that good business relationships are among the key elements of our longevity, so let us give you some tips on fostering such a relationship with your chosen local contractor.

3 Tips on Building a Good Relationship With a Local Contractor

TIP: Be Decisive, Especially During Planning

Every home improvement project involves decisions that lead to blueprints, specifications and ultimately, the contract. Ideally, everything is finalized during this stage, as it streamlines the installation process. Barring bad weather or unplanned necessary repairs, projects get finished on time. Decisive clients save a lot of time, money and resources.

TIP: Communicate with Your Contractor

Communication is an often unstated yet always essential component in a good relationship between client and roofing company. Clear communication puts yourself and the contractor on the same page, which increases the likelihood of getting the results you want. It also helps you get to know your contractor better, and gauge whether or not you want to keep working with them in the future.

TIP: Remember That Relationships Take Time to Build

We can say from experience that a roofing contractor and client hitting it off at first meeting is very rare, and, just like in personal relationships, there will be rough patches along the way. The test of a trustworthy contractor is whether they will own up to these problems and try to make things right with you. If you find one such contractor, they’re certainly a keeper. Century Roofing and Siding always tries to do right by our clients, and has developed many long-term relationships with Ontario homeowners.

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