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An overflowing gutter is always bad news. The case of overflow can extend to the home exterior, compromising the wood or vinyl siding material and causing further water-related damages like leaks and mold growth. During heavy rainfall, it’s impossible to ignore the existing structural weakness and maintenance problems going on with your entire roofing system. With that being said, it’s important to identify the root causes of overflowing gutters and their remedies.



1. Clogged gutters are the classic reason for overflowing gutters. Trapped leaves, bark, twigs, shingle granules and other debris in the gutters cause clogging and leaves the rainwater with no channel to flow through. When this happens, the water is forced to spill out from the gutters and onto the side of your home. In the worst case scenario, it could reach the fascias and seep into the exterior which leads you to costly repairs or siding replacement. To prevent this, make sure to install gutter guards, regularly inspect your gutters and clean up organic litter.


2. Tilted gutters mean trouble. Aside from the pitch, it’s also important to angle your gutters correctly during the installation. A tilted gutter allows for rainwater to leak over the edges and compromise your home’s foundation by eroding the soil. When that occurs, having perfectly sound downspouts and a drainage system won’t do any difference. To avoid this frustrating situation, hire expert installers with years of experience and excellent reviews from your locale.


3. Not having enough gutters or downspouts on your roof puts great demands and causes stress on your existing gutters. When not all sides of your roof have gutters installed, the steady flow of water is obstructed which will eventually lead to overspilling over the edges. When overflowing continues even if you already have enough gutters, you may need to get them in a bigger size to better serve your home.


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