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According to a study conducted by Statistics Canada, an average household used about 105 gigajoules of energy in 2011. 38% of the total energy used was spent on lighting, heating, and appliances.

If you want to spend and save smarter this year, think about doing home improvement projects that can help lower energy usage and upkeep costs. Here are some suggestions:

Repair or Replace Your Roof
Are you experiencing recurring problems on your roof? It may be time to schedule roof repair in Ottawa or install a new one.

Each type of roofing material offers a range of features and benefits. To save on energy costs, choose a material that can efficiently withstand the elements and prevent the sun’s heat from excessively warming up your home. One of your options is a metal roof. It reflects a huge percentage of solar heat, which helps keep a balanced temperature on the roof.

Install Energy-Efficient and Durable Siding
Another home improvement project you can do this year is siding replacement. The right kind of siding can improve your home’s curb appeal, protect your property from the elements, and increase energy efficiency. Don’t want to worry about weather damage? Pick a low maintenance siding made from durable materials. Some of your options are fiberglass siding, stucco siding, and fiber cement siding.

Change the Gutters
Water damage can be a costly headache, especially when it concerns your walls and foundations. Apart from having a well-maintained roof, you should also have well-maintained gutters. Your roof prevents water from getting through your home, while your gutters make sure that the water runs off safely away from your walls and foundation. Damaged and clogged gutters may cause water to overflow. This may put your siding, inner walls, foundation, and even parts of your roof at risk of water damage and decay, which may compromise your home’s structural integrity.

A home improvement project is a great investment. Make the most of it by choosing a project that can improve energy efficiency and extend the service life of the different parts of your house.

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